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Bragging Rights: Theatre d'Art Produces John Ridge's Play - Bottled Buddahood

Posted by Jenny Maloney on August 22, 2012 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

A big congratulations and huzzah! to UGWPian John Ridge.

His play "Bottled Buddahood", based on a short story he wrote right here with us, has been produced by Colorado Springs theatre company Theatre d'Art as part of their season kickoff, Theatregasm.

This is the sixth installment of Theatregasm and it features a ton of local talent. Since it would be impossible to list everyone's name and accolades, and because we're writers, we're just going to give a shout out to the local playwrights, including John:

"Through the Eyes of the Director" by Meg Hodorovitch

"We Are Waldo" by Jeff Keele

"What is That? Parts 1,2, and 3" by Adam Blancas and Michael Lee

"Bottled Buddahood" by John Ridge

"Serial: Pop" by Roy Ballard

"Blood and Beer" by Michelle Sharpe

"Twelve Angry Birds" by Michael Lee

"Nirvana Slouched" by Christian O'Shaughnessy

"Apartment H" by Elijah Atkins

"Another Day in Polkatopia" by Phil Ginsburg


"The Republican Report" by James Reiter and Mathilde LeMoine

Congratulations to all of the writers! Now, if you haven't had a chance to see this and you're in the Colorado Springs area, Theatregasm is playing for one more weekend. Here's the pertinent info:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:00p.m.

128 North Nevada Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO (which has info on reserving tickets...which might be necessary - the show I went to sold out and they had to bring in extra seats)

719-357-8321 for more info

Special Guest Critiquer Jan CJ Jones for January!

Posted by Jenny Maloney on January 25, 2012 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

For our January meeting, coming up on Sunday, UGWP is happy to announce that we will have special guest critiquer Jan CJ Jones to visit.


"An award winning writer and video editor, Jan has produced, co-produced, adapted, video-edited, and/or written everything from short and long form videos to theatrical and multi-media presentations. As an avid photographer and graphics artist, Jan is the owner-operator of Freelancer Ink, a digital graphics production company. Jan has successfully mentored students preparing for entry into industry-focused universities and has instructed workshop groups in writing for visual media.


My strength is understanding story structure and audience psychology... knowing what the viewer "needs" to see, and when, in order to keep them engaged, entertained, and satisfied with their viewing experience." ~from the Forest Rose Productions website


She has generously agreed to do a special workshop for UGWP members designed to help us develop our pitch and refine the selling points of our novels/work. This means that our Sunday meeting will be run a little differently - anyone interested in watching us behave as guinea pigs is free to join us, but please be aware that the presentations are limited to UGWP members.


Here's how the presentations will work (this is a reminder post for members as well as info for those who would like to know what the heck we're doing):


1. The authors will briefly introduce themselves. Name, writing interests, what element in their writing is important to them, what they believe to be their strengths and (more importantly) weaknesses, and where the authors see themselves in ten years.


2. Genre, title, and slugline (logline) of the novel and a VERY short synopsis (what the author might wish to read on teh back cover) of the novel.


3. The five major beats of the story:

  • the hook
  • the inciting incident
  • midpoint
  • major setback
  • climax
  • denouement


4. Read aloud the first three pages - double spaced, Courier 10 or equivalent - and no *squeezing* or cheating. Two copies so she can read along...up to eight copies if you want group members to read along as well.


Let's face it - eventually you have to sell your work and this exercise is geared toward developing your sales pitch...whether to an agent, editor, or a producer.


If you have any questions, just email me at [email protected]

Author Iver Arnegard Joining UGWP for the October Meeting!

Posted by Jenny Maloney on October 8, 2011 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

In October we will have a very special guest joing us. Dr. Iver Arnegard will be acting as a guest critiquer - he has very generously agreed to read members' submitted work and offer his verbal critique at our meeting.

Iver Arnegard has published fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in the North American Review, The Atlanta Review, Barrow Street, Gulf Coast, The Missouri Review, Willow Springs, and elsewhere. He recently published his first book, Welcome to Deadhorse, and is currently working on a collection based on his experiences in the Middle East. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

We're excited to welcome him and hear what he has to say!


**If you are a local writer or writing-related professional and would like to learn about becoming a Guest Critiquer , please contact Jenny:

 [email protected]


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