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Things I'm Doing While I Should Be Revising

Posted by Ali on August 22, 2012 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Revision is important stuff, people.  It's especially important when you've committed to submitting a full novel to your writers group on August 26th, which is only a few days away, and you haven't finished revising the novel and you're changing lots of stuff.  For instance, the first 50 pages are almost completely brand new.

But, revision is also hard work, and it's hard to focus so much for so long, and I'm only human...  So, sometimes, when I'm supposed to be revising, I'm doing other things instead.  Like...

Doing dishes.  This week, I've been all over it and cleaning that stuff up almost as soon as I get it dirty.  Hey, at least I'm being productive.

Laundry.  The only reason I have any dirty clothes right now is because you can't wear clothes and wash them at the same time.  Clean laundry = also productive. 

Eating chocolates.  I mean, chocolate is obviously more fun than revision.


 Taking my dog for walks.  She's got a new back pack.  I had to try it out.


Taking artistic black and white photos of my dog.  She's not a very cooperative model, which makes it an extra procrastinatey tactic.

Amidst all of this procrastinating, I've also been tearing through a lot of pages.  Now I'm past the part where I'm redoing things from scratch and into the part where I'm keeping, but polishing, a lot of material.  It certainly makes the process faster.

Still, there's a long way to go.  Hmm... I think it's time to go grocery shopping.

Bit of Trivia:  The novel I'm revising began when I was writing my thesis.  I was at the point where I was sick to death of writing/revising thesis stories and wanted to write something, anything else.  So, I started a novel.  Maybe now that I'm procrastinating the novel, I should start writing another thesis?

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