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The Advantages of Keeping a Hand in

Posted by Oliver on June 19, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an ass, but he is an ass in a way that most experts are an ass: they can see all the advantages of their discipline better than they can see the strengths in other disciplines. Yeah, fine, that works perfectly well, right until expert Tyson starts inadvertently ragging on other people's disciplines.

He didn't on purpose, poor man. Old "Defender of Knowledge and Advocate of Free Thought" Tyson had his heart in the right place." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">I found an interview or three of Tyson explaining perfectly sound and reasons why everyone should learn higher math. When boiled down, his reasons are: even if someone never needs to use calculus and other higher mathematics in their personal or professional lives, those skills and the disciplines inherent to them open up neural pathways in the brains of the person who has learned them. The mere fact of learning higher maths has, in Tyson's reasoning, trained up a human who works better.

A good sentiment, but shallow. I have not got anywhere near credentials enough to tell Mr. "The Power of Power is Power Power" Tyson his business, but I have got a wealth of personal experience discovering that I am both very good at math and much, much better at words. In the periods of my math when I had the most mathematics to do, I discovered that I have a natural aptitude toward absorbing the methods for arranging, rearranging, and manipulating arrangements of numbers. I am shit at it now, because these words give better shape to my thoughts, and I lost interest in attempting to describe the world numerically. There are other, more interested humans to do the math. I'll write the poetry.

Concluding this: People should be taught at higher levels, yes, but in whatever field most supports however their mind works. All our minds work differently. I am touch and sound dominant. It's difficult for me to conjure images from my memory, but I can remember the swoops and turns of a rollercoaster's rolling and coasting like it's still happening.

As an analysis, this so far has been hedonistic and self-centered. Well, yes. Mr. "Down with the Mind Jailers" Tyson did the same thing, I feel. If we need a more scientific approach, here's a link to an article about the purposes of holistic learning. Other, more interested minds have already done the research. I'll concentrate on my now honed and useful capacity with words.

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