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The Under Ground Writing Project

  1. What is the Under Ground Writing Project?

    Simply put: we are a writers group. The group is dedicated to the development and fellowship of fiction writers up and down Colorado's Front Range. We are a workshop-style critique group with a  primary focus on short stories and novels. We meet once a month to discuss members' work.  

  2. Where and when does UGWP meet?

    We meet on the last Sunday of every month (exceptions are noted on the calendar!) at 3:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Citadel Barnes and Noble in Colorado Springs:

    Barnes and Noble at the Citadel
    795 Citadel Drive East
    Colorado Springs, CO  80909

  3. How does UGWP operate?

    The group meets on the last Sunday of every month. At that time members submit work to be read and marked up (critiqued) for the next month's meeting.

    During the meeting, every member offers a verbal critique of the work submitted the previous month. The work is discussed in a fair, concise manner, with the object being always to assist the writer in creating another, stronger draft of their work. Writing a short story or novel is a project and we come at pieces with the view that there is always something to be improved and appreciated.

  4. How can I join UGWP?

    In order to have your work critiqued in the meetings you must attend the meetings three months in a row, providing critiques and feedback. On your fourth visit you may submit work for critique.

    This policy has been implemented to help develop members' critique skills and to acclimate potential members to the group dynamic and process. There is also a lot to gain from providing feedback on another's work. Plus, you gotta pay your "dues."

  5. Are there any costs to join UGWP?

    You must provide hard copies to the group members and that is out of pocket.

    As of right now, there is no monetary cost to join UGWP.

  6. Can I submit electronically to UGWP?

    No. All critiques are done in person. We are a face-to-face group. The website is dedicated to information sharing and craft discussion, not critique.

  7. Is there an age limit to joining UGWP?

    UGWP does allow teenagers over the age of sixteen. However, a parent must be present during the first couple meetings to determine whether they  feel comfortable allowing their child to participate.

     Please be aware that adult topics and language can - and do - occur in both conversation and in works submitted. If we feel that there would be some limitation placed on critiques or members' work due to a minor being present, we may ask that the minor wait until they're eighteen to join in.  

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