The Under Ground Writing Project

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  • Already have a short story or novel to sell? Need help figuring out what to do now? These sites have information regarding submissions, as well as listings for literary magazines.

  • There's no reason to not know what's going on in the book world nowadays. Here you'll find links to industry insiders who give advice about everything from the writing, to marketing, to the new e-revolution.

  • If you love reading the way we do, here are the links to book lover sites.

  • The Under Ground Writing Project is one group among many who offer support and inspiration about writing. Check out some other local talents--includes information about local conferences!

  • Our friends and heroes...sometimes they're the same thing.

  • Here are some more scholarly/academic resources for those of you working hard on your dissertations and research projects.

  • Need a place for inspiration? Well, listed here are bookstores, parks, and other areas of interest for writers in the Colorado Springs area.

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